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Kill Em All Tracks-Metallica

Girlie shirt

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Kill Em All Tracks

by Metallica

Uradno licencirana Girlie majica kultnega Heavy Metal benda Metallica

Material: 100% Bombaž

Barva: Črna(Black)

Glasbeni žanr :  Heavy Metal,Thrash Metal


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Metallica Girly Tee: Kill Em All Tracks

An official licensed girlie soft-style cotton Tee featuring the Metallica 'Kill Em All Tracks' design motif. This high quality Girlie shirt is available in a black colourway.
Style Description
Classic girlie fit soft-style cotton tee with crew neck and short sleeves. Features front & back printing.

American heavy metal band Metallica formed in Los Angeles in 1981 when James Hetfield responded to an advert posted in a newspaper by Lars Ulrich. Their 3rd album, Master of Puppets, has been hailed as one of the most influential and heaviest thrash metal albums of all time, and their song Enter Sandman is similarly as popular. Metallica have won 9 Grammys, the MTV Icon Award, have their own version of the Guitar Hero game, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.